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How to identify genuine and fake clothing trade

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When it comes to foreign trade clothing, a lot of clothing novice immediately think of good quality, good style, the high price of clothing. It is this point of view, so that novices in the purchase of clothing, spent a lot of money wasted.

Uncover the veil of foreign trade clothing

Guangzhou is China's leading clothing, is the country's largest garment wholesale market. Manufacturers is everywhere, all kinds of clothing brands can be found here. But the real trade clothing rare.

There are a lot of Chinese people or people abroad to get clothing market in Guangzhou, then demolition of the standard, for standard appears again after the clothing wholesale market, the identity of foreign trade clothing wholesale. Also some generic manufacturers directly to Guangzhou foreign trade section of the clothing, and then claiming that the foreign trade of the original single. After a face-lift, clothing wholesale prices than similar clothing on the market 2-3 times higher than the price.

In the process of China's foreign clothing brands and fabrics are very strict management, batch number and the number of orders processed clothing trademarks or less. The more well-known brand names, the number of genuine goods more stringent restrictions. Processing clothing generally not much left fabrics, generally also a few dozen pieces. Foreign trade is a very small amount of poop, how can we have a supply of wholesale made it?

Now, large and small streets smoke hung "foreign apparel", "export domestic" brand clothing. Spring, there are a large number of New Arrivals, shopkeepers are selling themselves as authentic foreign trade clothing, apparel exports to domestic why so much? Careful people found that some work clothes so that you can not believe this is the exit quality, and have questioned, and therefore led to some complaints about the clothing trade.

Whatever costume, just sold in China, it must be indorsed with Chinese identity. As the number of foreign trade clothing store is completely foreign identity, origin, composition and other instructions are almost always foreign, many consumers mistakenly think that is really well-known international brands. In fact, if the clothing is just hanging foreign identity, no relevant Chinese instructions, then the clothing brand is definitely fake. Even exports to domestic sales of clothing must also have Chinese identity.

How to Tell the foreign trade cargo?

1, see the trademark text: If you have clothing trade mark, it must be in English, Korean or Japanese. Exports of clothing to be with English labels, very few will be Chinese label.

2, see Pin: real trade clothing to pin demanding, how many pins per inch are strict requirements, so intuitive point of view, the real trade dress uniform fine stitch, but they often can not take into account the fakes are so many .

3, see accessories: real trade clothing accessories mostly "off for" exquisite workmanship, branded features, such as zippers, buttons, small logo on the clothes, etc., and some branded logo (logo).

4, to see if wash: real trade clothing many have been pre-washing process, this is not easy to shrink, feel good, some harmful substances have been cleared, but a lot of fakes have not been this process, the fabric impressions there are significant differences.