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How to find clothing trade channels to purchase?

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The so-called foreign trade clothing, refers to the domestic apparel manufacturers or foreign incoming sample to sample based on foreign and domestic election materials processing, while the remainder after the completion of the order that part of the product, including from the point of view is not something wrong with the fabric, size, color the defective products, excess or unauthorized processing of fabric savings and foreign non-defective returns but "export to domestic sales" clothing.

Such clothing style specifications tend to be in accordance with European and American people or the Japanese, Koreans preferences, its style is often ahead of the domestic consumer perspective, not necessarily in line with body size characteristics of the people, but because of its unique appearance, good fabric, fine workmanship, the price is still relatively low by the number of domestic consumers.

"The real trade clothing is generally derived from export garment manufacturers." A familiar trade clothing business owner told The New trade clothing style design mostly provided by the customer to buy the fabric is in the country or imported from abroad, according to customer requirements. Manufacturers in the production, often more than the required number of customers a few pieces of clothing to prevent shortfall pieces because of quality problems caused, but this multi-processing and production quantities of clothing is not too much. Until more trade clothing comes from exports through many rigorous test out down the "defective product", which mostly went to foreign trade clothing clothing store.

In general, are only 2-3 each, even one with no more than five of the. Things rarely happen Zhuangshan Oh ...... oh one occasionally more than 5, then certainly there are some small flaws do not affect the wear. Foreign trade operations authentic sellers hope these flaws in the picture and description of goods out of the middle finger, tell the buyer! So buyers will be more trust ah!

"Trade" fake imitations Where?

In addition to those parts of the order to do more than that, or is defective, unqualified persons, the other is the imitation of foreign trade clothing.

The difference between imitation and clothing trade between the real fact is that the difference between the quality of the general said, in general, false trade clothing if the clothing trade is really on par in terms of quality, the cost of foreign products will certainly be more than true price, it can not reflect the needs of the counterfeiters.

There are also fake clothing trade good or bad, from other places Jimo wholesale clothing wholesale market is relatively easy to identify, work very rough texture of the clothes, the average consumer is also very easy to see, people who buy these goods is often like them cheap.