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Wholesale clothing Daquan

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Guangzhou and Humen is the country's garment production base and distribution center, followed by Hangzhou, Wuhan and Beijing. Beijing Zoo South Gate northern China's largest garment wholesale market; Today small for everyone to sort out the country's garment wholesale market and some of the purchase Raiders Daquan and skills, I hope everyone can get the satisfaction of goods.

Currently, the country's garment wholesale market are:

In the eyes of everyone is the largest garment wholesale market in Guangzhou and Humen, where is the country's garment production base and distribution center.

Second, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing. Beijing Zoo South Gate is the largest market in northern China, traffic, many visitors to the region, but also the most prone to changing commodity place.

Hangzhou Evergreen is a good market, large and high-middle and low market share of different types very clearly what kind of goods you want to do, there will be such a market for you to choose. In addition, Hangzhou Evergreen, there newborn, Lung do high-end women, Xing men together to do good.

Wuhan Hanzhengjie is nationally renowned, this is not just clothing, almost anything can be in the wholesale. To finally understand why this is the nine provinces of Wuhan trade land. But Hanzhengjie too broken dirty too crowded. Very far and holly compared. R & D center in Wuhan is also prone areas. Purchase through wholesale clothing

Jiangsu Changshu strokes mall early years is very good, business is doing very far, now I can not, there is a word might not like to hear Changshu, I think the people there would not do clothing brand. Otherwise, pure distribution center in Hangzhou, Baleno, Giordano's in Shanghai.

Zhengzhou silver base, Chengdu, Kowloon, Changchun Far East is a rising star. Kowloon Plaza Chengdu, I have not been heard in these two years has developed rapidly. Zhengzhou silver base is quite big, Wenzhou in this one, played an important role. Others say Jilin clothing business is good to do, I think it is good to do small brands in the Northeast, doing good.

Rehabilitation of the road is the main wholesale market in Xi'an in Northwest China, many people are out there doing distributor five northwestern provinces. Xi'an to clothing, actually made a national brand - Ban Bo, is not easy! I admire Bambo boss!

Wholesale clothing mess Shandong, Jinan, Linyi, Zibo, Jimo have wholesale market. However, Zibo, Jimo have to die, by the action of the capital city of Jinan, Shandong has largely led the market in Linyi turned into low-grade goods based.

Seven Pu Road Shanghai, east China's clothing market is no leadership, retailers, Anhui, Jiangsu, prefer to go to Hangzhou Evergreen getting goods.

On the transportation convenience, Hunan Zhuzhou clothing wholesale market could not be better, train stations, bus stations are nearby.

There are two wholesale markets in Fujian Province, Fuzhou and lions, both sides often complain to each other because the R & D center in Guangzhou and Humen company.

Shenyang Wu Ai Market is the first to open the door, close the door is the first market to open the door before dawn, I went in the winter Shenyang, so early, really put me froze to death! Shenyang Wu Ai larger market size, so large that people do not remember Anshan City, Liaoning Province, there is a sea west of Willow wholesale market.

Taiyuan and Guiyang wholesale clothing do the most good, and the cost to someone else the same. Earn to much. Traffic is very convenient. Guiyang City West mess, nothing very professional wholesale market. Chaoyang Street, Taiyuan much better.

Harbin Hongbo group management concepts are most unified propaganda, aiming to create "Hongbo" brand. Chongqing, Lanzhou, Urumqi these cases is unknown.

Understanding the clothing wholesale market, let's say it is common to purchase clothing tips and tricks:

Clothing purchase Raiders: Avoid single product

Rich products, rich style is simply a storefront to attract consumers, no variety of styles, too single purchase will result in decreased optional clothing stores, and even lead to severe shortage of code breaking yards phenomenon, and eventually cause operating failure. Enrichment products from multiple aspects to be reflected, more style, more broad price range, the more abundant species, more specialty products. To win market opportunities, access to the largest consumer and profit-oriented.

Clothing purchase Raiders II: protection of seasonal goods

Product freshness for the customer, the consumer has a great role to attract and keep the freshness of the goods, to seize new market and win more in profits. Many of those who tend to purchase stock in the season, every three months to complete an update of goods, the market selling really only do three months, seriously affected the sales and store image. If you do enough to protect the monthly updates, new product every month, it will bring you good market efficiency!

Clothing purchase Raiders three: Avoid featureless

Into the various clothing stores, you can see a new featured Showcase, its role is not only to consumers declaring new shelves, but also its features to attract customers, the consumers home, thus boosting in-store sales . Similar goods stores and competition, there is no feature to catch the eye of a lack of ornamental goods, will allow you to lose a large customer in clothing sales.

Raiders clothing purchase four: avoid inconsistent style

Many who purchase will ignore style and uncoordinated goods store style, pop into what, so it is difficult for consumers to keep in mind the store, it is difficult to have loyal consumers. Style coordination in today's competitive apparel market is very important!