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Purchase clothing store positioned to meet

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Clothing purchase is a platitude, clothing stores, the most important thing is to supply, however, there are certain clothing purchase basis, to locate and purchase the customer according to customer preferences.

First, before the purchase, the goods must first be assessed:

Grade meets locate the owner of the customer base

In the apparel sourcing choices, clothing purchase price is not a measure of quality of clothing supply main criteria. Why? 5-10 million when we choose clothing wholesale prices, basically high-income customers has been "blocked" at the door, because the purchase price of this clothing, the clothing store fitting enough impossible luxury, clothing or furnishings are not too elegant and unique, these garments sourcing, high-income customers certainly not the door. Suddenly removed more than 60% of the customer base, which can be considered a good supply of it? So the price is just one measure of the quality of the clothing supply, then the main problem is the main consideration clothing customer base positioning.

Clothing store purchase to meet customer orientation (Figure 1)

So what to choose what age or level of consumption of the customer, for small shopkeepers, the garment can purchase high low ratio control in 10%, 35%, 55%, accounting for 10% of high-end, mid-range 35%, low 55 %, the door can be used as low-grade clothing supply promotional clothing can be placed in a discount clothing store.

Store sales and profits in line with the positioning

Style and self-assessment can be ranked in the same consideration ranks first clothing should have the ability to self-assessment when the owner clothing purchase. According to the customer's location and the general price calculation, clothing purchase price as a reference to estimate the selling price is. General valuation must first protect the profits and sales, if sales do not guarantee, it must be recognized in a single piece of profits above 60%. Some clothing is difficult to obtain large quantities of customer recognition, but for the special needs of customers, they would not be too concerned about the price, but "there is no selling," so self-appraisal is an estimate of the sales first, second is to estimate profits. These two points are met, then so what, hurry into it. But there must be a sufficient market smell and experience before they can be estimated. Do not purchase the first time on his own clothing vision, it would certainly yahuo.

Style meets the preferences of the owner of the customer base

Get the price later, you should consider is the style of clothing, style should be set according to customer preferences. Young people to pursue fashion, clothing as an alternative, unique; middle-aged pursuit of business, athletic, commercial or clothing as refreshing; older people prefer simple, inanimate, so do not be too spending. Details, customers of all ages are different.

Another style must be unique, regardless of any age. If all the owner is away from the nearest mall clothing wholesale clothing purchase, that customer will buy fancy dress styles will suffer a shop to ask the price, who would buy the lowest-who. After all, the same clothes, it must choose the price low. This gives the customer the choice is too small, and the client side but will choose to buy much. So unique apparel sourcing through online wholesale clothing wholesale clothing or distant clothing purchase, this is one to protect clothing sales.

If you do not meet the above three points, and that such clothing supply do not enter, if they can meet the point, should be carefully considered; if they meet two points, you can enter; If the three points are met, this will have to carry clothing supply a. Want perfect must be impossible, but if there is more than 80% certainty, for the supply of clothing is already a goodly supply of good.