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Several channels related clothing purchase

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Open clothing store purchase is often a top priority, to get a good supply, not only can keep them coming back with more, but also to improve the profitability of clothing. Several channels on the purchase of clothing, small one explain the following:

Several channels related clothing purchase

Manufacturers purchase

From manufacturers generally can get a relatively low purchase price, clothing manufacturers are the source of many of the agents less dealer price rise, and manufacturers are generally seasonal purchase the latest styles, the owner of replenishment for replacement the intensity is relatively large. But manufacturers purchase large quantities purchase requirement is for the purchase of a small clothing store owner, manufacturers will rise about 5% again on the basis of ex-factory price, increase profits, which for the purposes of getting goods less clothing shop owner may not be able to get the most preferential prices.


Wholesale clothing variety, unlike the manufacturers so simple, and can shop around, take a small amount of goods and varied. Wholesale purchase is the most luxurious and old customers at a clothing store owner, a long-term goods, will get a relatively favorable prices, while service, delivery speed will be faster than new customers.


Now many clothing stores are targeting me. League shop. Now add. League shop into big brands plus. League plus shops and emerging brands. League shop. Big brands plus. League Shop has had at the beginning of a wide range of advertising, there is a certain reputation and market position, this increase. League shops, high-profit, less post-publicity costs, return to support the efforts, but added. League threshold relatively high, generally hundreds of thousands or even millions. Emerging brands plus. League threshold is low, it is a new brand, the level of publicity, replacement, etc. do not know, the risk is relatively high.


E-commerce is now more widespread, online purchase has become a trend, the domestic large purchase online platform is Alibaba. For clothing shop owner, it is unnecessary to leave their homes, they can get the clothes all over the country, but also can know the season's most popular clothing styles, saves a lot of cost and manpower. But there are some risks of online shopping, online purchase can not touch the material of clothes, no way to determine whether the color distortion, such as whether there are flaws, but now the price of many suppliers Alibaba given not low, not for purchase, Meanwhile, online shopping has risks.

Trade dress

Now a lot of people to pursue trade clothing, think style is relatively new, the quality is good, though a bit flawed, but the mall with hundreds of clothes presumably, you can get a lower price big clothing, especially now that the Korean version of clothing particularly popular Welcome. But many so-called Korean clothing is actually the name of the foreign trade companies under the banner of a lie, this is need for caution, the real trade clothing is often less, is not easy to get.


Garment factories often have some style and popular clothing nearly eliminated, will the sale of these poop in the market nearly saturated, it is often an attractive price is very favorable. But not everyone can absorb these clothing inventory Potter, often accidentally, it will be used to continue pressing the poop, trap money. So take inventory Potter, I need to own funds, consumer groups definition, can not be generalized.