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Identify the sources of good and bad tips

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Sources for clothing is very important, so the owner will try to find a good costume supply. What is a good source of goods supply it? Most clothing novices believe low price, good quality, good style is a good supply. Indeed, this view is more one-sided. Clothing shop owner wants to find a good supply, we must first learn to identify sources of good or bad. So how do we identify the sources and the bad? Here, Xiaobian for everyone to support the recipe.

First, get to know the need to have a good supply of two conditions, one is to give operators to bring the relatively high profitability, the second is the product the customer is satisfied. In fact, the owner of clothing are easier to understand these two points, the first point is for operators, if the goods into low earnings, or profits, said nothing, and that such products is estimated for each operator is willing to purchase it ; the second point, why should the customer satisfied with it, because you want to spend the money to the customers feel the clothing is worth it. So these two, relatively speaking, it is the second point is more important points. Because no matter the level of the value of goods, old style, as long as the right product at the right price to sell the right people, so that you can, no matter what side of the pursuit of quality, or the pursuit of low-cost side, are one-sided. Today the community is important that price.

So many clothing stores stocking a novice should consider the time of purchase, the best is to make a survey, according to the data results to purchase, so that not only those of high accuracy, and the products are not into bad. If you just go hastily purchase, it is difficult to find a good supply of. Only the combination of various goods into consideration is the best supply.

The above is summarized in identifying sources Xiaobian bad tips, we hope to help purchase clothing.