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Clothing purchase experience

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1 wholesale purchase

This is the most common purchase channels, if you are engaged in garment shop, then you can go around some large clothing wholesale purchase in wholesale purchase needs to have a strong bargaining power, and strive to be the wholesale price to the lowest, while to establish a good relationship with the wholesalers.

2 to large e-commerce platform

Is relatively large domestic Alibaba and HC, reminder, not a member of Alibaba integrity is no problem, do not blindly trust, or be careful of.

3. Various clothing websites and forums

Website terms can be Chinese clothing net, forum aspect is the owner of the house apparel, clothing shop owner of the family are basically clothing shop owner, there are many other aspects of the apparel business sales post, novices can be more and more inside the bubble, multiple posting to consult , will take a lot less detours. Said inside trading under the recommended registration of businesses which have paid tens of thousands of margin, more reliable reputation.

3. Manufacturers purchase

Manufacturers purchase is also a common channel to manufacturers purchase, you can get a lower purchase price, but usually require a purchase amount will be relatively high, increasing operational risks. Operating shop, best friends who work in the factory know, or they are directly working in the factory, so the purchase would not have any problem.

4. Concern trade products or OEM products

Many factories outside the foreign trade surplus product or orders outside of some well-known brands as OEM production there will be some surplus disposal, the price is usually very low, typically 2-4% off the normal price, this is a good purchase channels.

5 buy overstock or clearance processing products

As eager to deal with, the price of such goods is usually very low, if you have enough Kanjia ability, can eat a very low price, however, go to the online sales, online sales utilize the advantages of the use of geographical or temporal Spread sufficient profits. So, you should always go around the market, pay close attention to changes in the market.

6. Looking for that special purchase channels

For example, if you have relatives or friends in Hong Kong or abroad, can help the them into some of the domestic market can not see the goods, or some lower commodity prices. If you are in places like Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and even do a pass out on my own, Hong Kong, Macau purchase.