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Secret clothing purchase merchant trick

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Novice do wholesale apparel, when newly recruited into the wholesale market will be slaughtered a few times, have not done a lot of wholesale clothing line of people started going into the market, experts will be able to see it casually in conversation, this is the expert called "water fish ", in that customers are like most businesses, and commonly known as" pick up turtles "because such people do not understand the clothing wholesale market, do not know how to bargain, do not know how to look at the clothing style is often easy to be fooled profiteers, this is a lot of buyers wholesale clothing line started going to encounter this first act, here we come to enumerate what some common trick.

Trick 1: "This year the 'board' most popular friends, we are here to explode this year's models, and the entire garment wholesale market have only our family, you absolutely can not find somewhere else to go."

I believe that many buyers into their stalls where it will pick up a piece of clothing might hear these words, so what if the boss says to you these words, and said that he is designed to do wholesale clothing trade, and quality than other stores are good, here we do not take it seriously.

In the clothing wholesale market, anyone looking into his store any piece of clothing he will say, just to meet everyday life said "no eat" is the same meaning, almost say hundreds of times a day to see anyone this is a (nor have produced some innovative), is that you take him a few years ago not sell rotten moldy stock fast, he'll say that. Therefore, we must believe their eyes, the trick is not to be deceived by the profiteers.

As he says to you, "someone's home", it must be impossible, because there are basically doing wholesale clothing sales, but the vast majority are without their own processing plants inside, but very probably in the same garment processing factory stock, only marks on clothes washing mark a difference with it, "hit money" is the most common thing, if profiteers would not let price, then we went to another home shopping, chances are there cheaper than his home affordable, general location is not particularly good stalls, the price will be lower, the first floor is the most expensive.

Trick two: "! I am wearing is just out of this new year, the market's best-selling, on my home."

Here there is attention, money she was wearing, most likely the largest inventory, a few years ago, kind buyers generally believe that the so-called "new" She was wearing a really new. "Do you know why she wear the watches? Do wholesale clothing fear what is that inventory, she wore that dress is often because it is the largest inventory models, wore no clothes will look better than hanging , and then put on, that money will be high visibility, wholesale naturally a little more, she said, "for my family has" to this sentence may be true, because a few years ago his family's unique stock how will the others, "but there should be clear that, in the end who is the object of selling, if we do not understand, his stock will be passed on to us, we really were that they" pick up turtles "the! "in fact, the real purpose of wholesale clothing profiteers that those models do not sell as soon cleared away, the inventory into money, clothes, unlike wine, put more fragrant, put the clothes in a long time will rot.

With the explosion of new markets they generally are not worn on the body, but on the stalls of the most conspicuous place, if you see him hanging clothes even bother hanging is just on the bottom, then it can be concluded that money is in their clearance, and then we can bargain with him fiercely, but can not be too far off the mark, and some profiteers will curse.

Trick three: "This is our year's main color, very easy to sell, you must take, or regret it later!"

In fact, each time producing clothes are produced by the same amount, a length of fabric is the same, while clothing wholesale market profiteers are generally not have their own clothing factory, the factory did not give him a mess production, as production costs are very high, so that the profiteers say go sell that color, but is most likely to sell this year, the worst color, because we all know that not every color is easy to sell, there will be bad selling color, if the color is not good to sell stocks relatively large, then he would pull out the stops to persuade the body to recommend to you that bad, and the most easy to sell on the inside, and so when you come to pick up I'll tell you, you want that color out of stock, this color colors sell better than that, forcing you into submission.

All in all a friend to do wholesale clothing must be convinced that profiteers will not say the last part of the truth, do we have to believe your own eyes, do not be deceived in the wholesale clothing business.